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Hello and welcome to Personal Power Solar! Please fill out this short form for your free solar quote! We look forward to assisting you with your project and get you Electrically independent! Here is a short 1-Minute video explaining how solar works!

The entire Personal Power Solar team was professional, competent, and responsive at every step of the way. From the initial proposal put together by Aryen W, to the application and permitting process to the site survey, installation, and inspection we were very impressed at how quickly everything moved along and how friendly and responsive the entire team was. My concerns about the installed system were addressed quickly and professionally by the installation crew. prior to the permit inspection, and the entire system was online/producing power over a month before we expected! The system has operated going on 9 months now, and the performance has exceeded what was presented in the initial proposal. We love how the array blends into the house aesthetics, and how the panel and conduit were installed in an unobtrusive spot right next to the main breaker panel. We have been asked by multiple neighbors about who did the work, and we happily respond “PPS is the best!”

Joe M. - Brownville, NY

Licensed Real Estate Agent